Concrete Equipment item specific warranties

OLI Vibrators

OLI® grants a 12-month warranty on the products it manufactures. The period starts from the date on the transport document. The warranty does not apply to failures and/or defects caused by incorrect installation or use, or by incorrect maintenance or modifications.

made without the authorization of the manufacturer.

Namely, the warranty and the compliance with regulations become null and void if the electric Motovibrator:

- Is tampered with or modified.

- Is used incorrectly.

- Is used by not following the limits specified in this manual and/or is subjected to excessive mechanical stress.

- Has not undergone the necessary maintenance or if it has been carried out only in part and/or not correctly or by personnel not trained correctly

- Has suffered damage due to neglect during transport, installation and use.

- Non-original spare parts have been inserted.

Upon receipt of the product, the recipient must ensure it does not have any faults or damage due to transport and/or incompleteness of the supply. Any defects, damage or incompleteness shall be immediately reported to the manufacturer in writing with a countersignature

of the carrier.

Products returned for repairs under the warranty must be sent FOB to our plant.